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Memories by Maureen Edwards

In September 1953 The A.O.G held a crusade in Ware a marque  was erected on the King George Road Playing Field. The meetings were conducted by evangelist George Reed, it was here on September 12th that I gave my life to Jesus, at the end of the crusade we carried on with the meetings in the Masonic Hall in Church Street, which is the road running at the back of the Tesco entrance. We had a young pastor called George Davis, his love for the Lord was very obvious the work grew and we had a thriving Sunday School. Pastor Davis, and some folk from Watford gave us help with the children’s work and encouraged those of us who felt we could help, to get involved and a number of us ended up being Sunday School Teachers , and Pastor Davis and Teachers from King George Road Area would walk the children down on Sunday afternoons and then back home afterwards.

Next door to the Hall was the old Fire Station and Mortary which was by this time unused, and in a state of disrepair we took it over and we all worked together and made it into a beautiful place of worship, and the Mortary was made into a prayer room.  We were greatly blessed during our time there, the presence of God was in abundance, and the work still growing.

We had a number of Pastors during this time, Namely, Ken and Ruth Calder, Colin and Phylis Warner, Steve and Barbara Young, Henry and Rebecca Dowson. Each of these Pastors brought a ministry of blessing and encouragement to us. Following the retirement of the Dowson’s, John and Doreen Jessop took up the baton it was now 1974 and the following year, Baby Zoe Jessop joined the fellowship.

During Pastor Jessops early years of ministry in Ware, what is now Springs Fellowship, was a Methodist Church up for sale and with the sale

 was a condition, and that was that it was to be kept as a place of worship and with a growing church we applied to buy it. We prayed and got the Church including the Hall at the back and the Cottage for an amazing price, what an answer to prayer, and the Lord continued to pour out his blessing on the fellowship. As time went by Pastor John’s ministry took him to ALBANIA, HUNGARY and CZECHOSLOVAKIA, with a few of our folk accompanying him, Doreen was being called into the ministry and sharing the work of the Lord and Zoe was called into street children’s ministry, how great is our God! After 26 years service and amid great blessing they answered the Lord’s calling to Spain.

In 1983 my 16 year old daughter went home to be with the Lord, The Boss at the office where both Ruth and myself worked gave a donation in her remembrance. Hence the fund for the Baptismal Tank was started.

A Little Boy named Adrian Vaughan brought to the church by his newly converted parents is serving the Lord as Pastor at A.O.G Church in Haverford west, Wales. Another lad Clive Beckenham moved to Ware with his parents from Croydon in 1954 and is serving the Lord with his wife in Nairobi. “PRAISE THE LORD!”  provided by